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Hexagon Taper Candle

Sale price$14.00

Bring a touch of cool minimalism to your space with hexagon obelisk taper candles. Elevate its aesthetic charm with this handcrafted product made from natural soy beeswax blend, featuring a cotton wick and clean fragrances with essential oils. Handmade in NYC, these candles are also Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, Zinc-Free, Paraben Free and Biodegradable. Please note that our beautifully decorated, handmade candles may have slight imperfections and color variations. The use of natural soy wax may result in "frosting" on colored candles, but this will not impact their overall use. Some minimal dripping may occur during burning. Due to their unique shapes and sizes, each candle may offer a one-of-a-kind burning experience.

Hexagon Taper Candle
Hexagon Taper Candle Sale price$14.00