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Care & Maintenance

For most cleanings, all you need is a soft micro fiber cloth and some warm water to dampen your cloth. 

If you would like to use a polish or cleaner for a little extra shine from time to time, we recommend using Guardsman furniture products, as these are specifically made to clean real wood products. 

We do not recommend using standard furniture polish as many of these contain silicone which will break down your finish over time, and leave residual buildup that will cloud the surface appearance.

Do not use paper towels or other items that can leave micro scratches in your surface. 

Do not place excessively hot cookware on your table surface.  It is always best to use placemats to protect your table from scratches and the effects of heat.

Do not use heavy duty commercial grade cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. 

Do not place your furniture in front of heating sources such as radiators or heating vents.  The dry air from these sources will cause the wood to dry out and may lead to cracking or warping.

If you intend to store your furniture for an extended length of time, be conscious of the humidity in the environment where you intend to store.  Furniture should be placed in a climate controlled environment with humidity between 35% - 45%.  Outside of this range, your pieces may crack, split, or warp. 

Please use some type of surface pad when writing on paper.  Solid hardwoods such as quartersawn white oak may not be affected at all.  Other woods, such as brown maple, even though they are hardwoods, are softer and may show indentations from writing on surfaces when left unprotected.

Lastly, while all our products use a catalyzed conversion varnish to protect your furniture and create a very durable scratch resistant finish, this will not make your furniture scratch proof.  Care must still be taken to protect your surface.  Be sure to lift items cleanly off the surface rather than dragging across.  Dragging items across your surface, will most likely not result in gouging the surface, but can result in micro-abrasions that appear over time, particularly on dark finish surfaces.

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