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Seven Great Benefits of Our Outdoor Furniture

Seven Great Benefits of Our Outdoor Furniture

1. It's comfortable

Not only does our LuxCraft PolyTuf™ furniture look great, it also feels great! Quality and comfort are our highest priority, and it shows in the furniture we handcraft for you.  We’re constantly reevaluating product designs to ensure you’re receiving the very best.  As an example, our deck chairs come available in multiple seating styles from the more laid-back Lakeside Adirondack Chair to the more upright Royal Adirondack Chair. 

Royal Adirondack Chair. Notice the more upright seating position. Shown in antique mahogany.

 Deluxe Adirondack Chair with the more traditional relaxed seating. Shown in antique mahogany.

2. It's durable

Our craftsmen don’t cut corners when it comes to building furniture. We reinforce our swings, gliders and benches with aluminum angle braces. Our poly glider arms are used for a stronger, smoother glide, and we make our own heavy-duty swivels in house.  Our PolyTuf™ product material provides exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping and other environmental hazards of outdoor exposure common to other wood or wood-based fiber composite outdoor products.

3. It's affordable

We build our products with the emphasis on durability and longevity, then price it accordingly. As a consumer you usually only remember price one time, the day you purchase. You’ll remember poor quality every time you sit in a flimsy or poorly made chair.  Our products are especially affordable when considering their durability and maintenance free lifestyle.

4. It's maintenance free

Our products require no waterproofing, staining, or other similar recurring maintenance.  That’s right, you no longer half to worry about the annual staining and sealing right of passage that comes with outdoor wood furniture.  Put your paint brush away, sit back and relax. 

5. It's eco-friendly

Our PolyTuf™ material is certified to contain a minimum of 95% recycled content. Unlike many companies that make “green” marketing claims but never substantiate those claims. Tangent Technologies, the maker of PolyTuf™, substantiates those claims through independent third parties, that validate the actions taken to match their published claims. 

PolyTuf™ is a Green Circle Certified with a closed loop product life cycle.  This means all plastic scrap generated by their customers is returned to Tangent for reuse and recycling back into the same or similar products within their manufacturing process.  You can learn more about PolyTuf™ material here.

You’ll feel great in our furniture knowing that you helped our environment at the same time!

6. Color options

We have a wide variety of color options to suit just about every taste.  Some products have up to 32 different color choices.  Our standard color pallet has 12 earth tone colors, 18 tropical colors, and two Premium Woodgrain products. 

Premium Woodgrain products offer the textured surface of real wood while providing the long list of benefits from our PolyTuf™ material. 

7. Lifetime warranty

Sit back and relax in your new outdoor furniture, we’ve got you covered! Our LuxCraft  PolyTuf™ furniture comes with a residential lifetime limited warranty that covers any defective product or part.


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