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Not sure what stain or leather option you’d like?
We want the purchasing process to be as enjoyable and seamless as possible for you.  Browse our samples below and order as many as you like. 

Standard wood and leather samples are $12 each.  Reclaimed Barnwood samples are $31 each.  Up to three samples will be credited towards your order.  If you order more than three samples, you will be provided a full refund once they have been returned to the store.  Recycling samples helps us keep your cost low and be environmentally responsible at the same time!

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Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed barnwood refers to salvaged wood sourced from old barns and structures that have been dismantled. Our makers source this wood up and down the east coast. With a weathered and rustic charm, reclaimed barnwood showcases unique characteristics like nail holes, knots, and aged patina, bringing a sense of history and authenticity to your interior design.

Clear-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Husk-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Light Brown-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Light Brown
Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

OCS Medium-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

OCS Medium
Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Ol Yeller-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Ol Yeller
Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Pewter-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Ebony-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Provincial-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Rustic-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Slate-Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)

Reclaimed Barnwood (Standard)