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Adele Four Door BuffetAmish Adele Four Door Buffet
Amish Adele Four Door Buffet Sale priceFrom $3,822.00
Adele Reclaimed Top & Wine Cabinet BuffetAmish Adele Wine Cabinet with Reclaimed Top
Adele Buffet with Wine RackAmish Adele Wine Cabinet with Sliding Doors
Amish Alamo Extend-A-Bench
Amish Alamo Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $1,854.00
Almanzo Buffet-The Amish House
Amish Almanzo Buffet Sale priceFrom $3,847.00
Almanzo Extend A Bench-The Amish House
Amish Almanzo Extend A Bench Sale priceFrom $1,672.00
Amish Almanzo Solid Top Table-The Amish House
Amish Almanzo Leg Table Sale priceFrom $1,953.00
Quick Ship!Amish Almanzo Solid Top Table-The Amish House
Amish Almanzo Leg Table - Quick Ship Sale priceFrom $2,882.00
On saleAlmanzo Wine Server-The Amish House
Amish Almanzo Wine Server Sale priceFrom $3,535.00 Regular price$3,889.00
Alpine Rough Sawn Jewelry Armoire
Amish Audrey Trestle Table
Amish Audrey Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $2,841.00
Amish Bailey Extend-A-Bench
Amish Bailey Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $1,482.00
Amish Bailey Trestle Table
Amish Bailey Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $2,841.00
Barn Door Wine Server-The Amish house
Amish Barn Door Wine Server Sale priceFrom $4,438.00
Barn Wood Jewelry ChevalBarn Wood Jewelry Cheval-Accessories-The Amish House
Amish Barn Wood Jewelry Cheval Sale priceFrom $1,725.00
Barnloft Buffet-The Amish House
Amish Barnloft Buffet Sale priceFrom $4,150.00
Amish Barnloft Trestle Table-The Amish House
Amish Barnloft Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $3,933.00
Barnwood Leaner
Amish Barnwood Leaner Sale priceFrom $703.00
Amish Bridgeport Bar Table-The Amish House
Amish Bridgeport Bar Table Sale priceFrom $2,233.00
Brighthouse Bench-The Amish  House
Amish Brighthouse Bench Sale priceFrom $985.00
Amish Brighthouse Solid Top Table-The Amish House
Amish Brighthouse Leg Table Sale priceFrom $1,960.00
Brighthouse Server-The Amish House
Amish Brighthouse Server Sale priceFrom $3,463.00
Bristol Arm Chair-The Amish HouseBristol Side Chair-The Amish House
Amish Bristol Chair Sale priceFrom $565.00
The amish brooklyn bench shown in brown maple with a sandstone stain
Amish Brooklyn Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $1,482.00
Cambridge Extend-A-Bench-The Amish House
Amish Cambridge Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $1,053.00
Butterfly Leaf OptionCambridge-Trestle table-The Amish House
Amish Cambridge Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $2,577.00
Chelsea Sideboard-The Amish House
Amish Chelsea Sideboard Sale priceFrom $2,753.00
Chesapeake Extend-A-Bench-The Amish House
Amish Chesapeake Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $1,130.00
Chesapeake Trestle table-The Amish House
Amish Chesapeake Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $2,962.00
cheyenne extend a bench shown in rough sawn wormy maple with a shadow 10 sheen top and bel air 10 sheen base
Amish Cheyenne Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $822.00
Cleveland Bench-The Amish  House
Amish Cleveland Bench Sale priceFrom $1,055.00
Amish Cleveland Trestle Table-The Amish House
Amish Cleveland Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $2,723.00
Quick Ship!Amish Columbus Dining Chair - Quick ShipAmish Columbus Dining Chair - Quick Ship
The columbus bench in rough sawn wormy maple with an almond 10 sheen finish
Amish Columbus Extend-A-Bench Sale priceFrom $960.00
Cooper Bookcase
Amish Cooper Bookcase Sale priceFrom $2,765.00
Cooper Chairside Table
Amish Cooper Chairside Table Sale priceFrom $517.00
Cooper Coffee TableCooper Coffee Table
Amish Cooper Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $798.00
Amish Cooper Wall UnitAmish Cooper Wall Unit
Amish Cooper Wall Unit Sale priceFrom $7,059.00
Croft Bench-The Amish  House
Amish Croft Bench Sale priceFrom $845.00
Croft Server-The Amish House
Amish Croft Server Sale priceFrom $3,098.00
Amish Croft Trestle Table-The Amish House
Amish Croft Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $2,650.00
Eco Buffet-The Amish House
Amish Eco Buffet Sale priceFrom $2,329.00
Amish Eden Reclaimed Barnwood Bench Sale priceFrom $1,628.00
Amish Eden Trestle TableAmish Eden Trestle Table
Amish Eden Trestle Table Sale priceFrom $3,385.00
Edinburgh Bench-The Amish House
Amish Edinburgh Bench Sale priceFrom $798.00
Edinburgh Arm Chair-The Amish HouseEdinburgh Side Chair-The Amish House
Amish Edinburgh Chair Sale priceFrom $565.00
Edinburgh Hutch-The Amish House
Amish Edinburgh Hutch Sale priceFrom $6,978.00
Amish Edinburgh Dining Solid top Table-The Amish HouseAmish Edinburgh Leg Table
Amish Edinburgh Leg Table Sale priceFrom $1,963.00