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Welcome to the Amish House

Welcome to the Amish House

About Us

My name is Kurt Fuchs and I am the owner of The Amish House along with my wife Lisa. We are thankful to have your eyes reading this page, investing your time in getting to know just a little bit about us and what we do.  And hopefully over time, we can get to understand you a little bit better through your feedback.

Currently, The Amish House is an e-commerce only retailer of Amish made furniture.  For those of you who don’t know, the Amish communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana are home to some of the best furniture makers in the entire country. 

 Amish Craftsmen make all their furniture from solid hardwood, no particle board, MDF, or veneers are used in their furniture.  Amish craftsmen have a long tradition of woodworking passed down from generation to generation.  Although they remain separate from the modern world, they will use modern manufacturing techniques and tools when it is best to do so by having their tools powered by alternate energy sources. This is great news for you, since you are then the recipient of furniture made using the very best methods on all fronts. 

Your options

There are a few other reasons that make purchasing from The Amish House a special experience over other big box retailers.  First, when you purchase from a large retailer, your choices in stain, size, and wood type are often limited.  Not with us!  The Amish House lets you choose what works for you.  And if you would like to request a sample of wood and stain, simply go to the Samples section of our website to view your wood and stain options. 

Quality construction

The quality of our furniture is also vastly superior to anything else you’ll find in the marketplace.  As an example, let’s look at drawer box construction.  First, most big box retailers use inferior materials. Second, they often use joint techniques that minimize available drawer space, and will not hold up over time.  Lastly, drawer hardware, or lack of, often minimizes how far the drawer can be opened.  This greatly reduces your ability to access the drawer to place clothes into, or pull clothes out of your drawer without creating a mess.



The image above is a drawer box profile picture from one of America’s largest furniture retailers. Did you notice the lack of dove-tail construction on the drawer box?  This drawer box is made using simple butt joint construction and stapled together with “veneers, wood and manmade wood” according to the companies own website.  This product is made from cheap materials, and constructed using inferior methods.



The above is from a drawer front.  Notice the shoddy craftsmanship.  The joints obviously don’t fit together, so the manufacturer just used some type of putty or caulk to fill the noticeable gap in the seam.  This piece of furniture retailed for well over $1K dollars.  Ask yourself, is this the level of quality you want to spend your hard-earned money on? For just a little bit more, you can purchase something that you can be proud of, and that will last decades, not months.




Compare the above with The Amish House craftsmanship.  Our drawers are made from solid poplar hardwood and use dovetail construction, dado drawer bottoms, and full extension metal ball bearing slides.  Superior materials and construction techniques insure complete use of the available drawer box space, and longevity of your furniture.



Dovetail joints insure your drawers won’t fall apart if inadvertently slammed. Dado drawer bottoms insure your drawer bottom won’t bow out over time, and full extension glides give you a smooth action when opening and closing your drawers. It also makes sure all of the drawer box space is available for use.

Contact Us With Your Questions

We realize you have an abundant array of choices when determining where to shop in today’s marketplace.  But if you have read the post this far, you’re here for a reason.  You have an interest in purchasing stylish, durable, high quality furniture.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you, send you samples, and work with you in making a furniture purchase you can be proud of, and maintain peace of mind.  Please call me direct at 615-776-4025 if you have any questions.  We would love to make you a valued Amish House customer.


Kurt Fuchs
The Amish House